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A cadet from 6F (Romford) Squadron has put her routine first aid training into use whilst assisting a member of the public.

When Cadet Chelsea Fowler was alerted to an unconscious member of the public, her First Aid training kicked in. Chelsea sprang into action, first making sure herself and others around were in no danger. After assessing the casualty, who was barely breathing and had a severe cut, she treated the bleed and placed the casualty into the recovery position, whilst liaising with the emergency services command centre constantly.

While waiting for the ambulance, Cadet Fowler kept the casualty comfortable and initiated a secondary survey, ensuring a smooth handover to paramedics.

Both the paramedics and the police on scene commended Cadet Fowler’s actions, commenting how she quite possibly saved the ladies life.

This is testament to both Cadet Fowler’s knowledge and calmness under pressure, as well as the exemplary training provided by the Air Cadet Organisation. Cadets in the Air Cadet Organisation receive First Aid training as part of their standard training syllabus. All cadets go through Heartstart training and then the St John Ambulance, Youth First Aid Award. Warrant Officer (ATC) Neil Richards, Officer-in-Charge 6F Squadron commended Chelsea’s “calm and collected composure when under a highly stressful situation. Her readiness to adapt and apply her knowledge to the situation is testament to the high-level of training she has received by being a member of the ACO”.